We offer many different cleaning services in Milngavie, personalising our services to fit your time and needs. Often our first visit is good old fashioned deep clean where we get behind the fridge and cooker, chasing off all the resident dust bunnies lurking in dark corners. This clean provides much of the same services as our spring clean. Our cleaners in Milngavie bring along an arsenal of dirty destroying tools and cleaners that we find are of the finest quality. However, if you prefer, we will gladly employee your cleaners and cleaning implements. After your walls are scrubbed down, your cupboards are cleaned inside and out and all the rooms of your house have been cleaned, the air will be clean and fresh, reducing allergies aggravated by dust.
Once our cleaners Milngavie have performed a deep clean, we recommend a scheduled visit based on your lifestyle. Some of clients are neat as pin and choose to have us in only once a month, others may have weans at home that demand a bit more attention and have us in twice a week. Whatever your personal needs are, we will work with you to create a cleaning package that suits your lifestyle. During your regularly scheduled clean, we clean each room tidying up, dusting, cleaning floors, sterilising the bathroom and ensuring your home is clean it practically glows.
One of the most beneficial aspects of having a weekly clean is that allergens and germs that can cause or exacerbate illnesses are swiftly dealt with, making your home a healthier home. Keeping your home and personal possessions clean regularly also increases their longevity and keeps them in pristine condition. As we visit, you may find you need us more or need us to come less often and we are perfectly happy to accommodate any changes in order to continue to provide you with best possible and personalised services.