Post builder cleaning in Milngavie

Our cleaners love ridding your new build or remodel of its construction dust and dirt, revealing your shiny new home. While builders take exacting measurements and make precision cuts in creating your new space, their cleaning skills are less than stellar. There is nothing as invasive as dust and dirt from new construction. It gets in everywhere and naturally ends up in every nook and cranny, coating each surface in a fine layer of finishing dust. Getting it out is nearly as tasking as the build itself and requires special cleaning skills and tools.

During a Post Construction Clean, our professional cleaners wipe down all surfaces and vacuum up every bit of debris and dust. Each floor is cleaned; wood and tile floors are polished. Each room is cleaned from ceiling to floor, and all drawers and cupboards are cleaned inside and out. Kitchen units are polished and worktops are sanitised. All the surfaces are cleaned from skirting boards to banisters and dado rails. Once our professional cleaners have finished, every trace of builder debris will be gone.

Maid in Milngavie are your cleaners Milngavie. We are proud of serving your needs and delivering superior services to each and every one of our clients. We understand that your home is a personal reflection of who you are, and you want it kept looking its very best. Because we are so thorough, checking every door hinge and every surface inside for paint droplets or mist, removing every speck of dust, dirt, and debris, if the builder hasn’t hired us already to finish the job, the smart homeowner does. Take the worry out of cleaning your new build with our cleaners Milngavie.