Spring cleaning in Milngavie

Maid in Milngavie sends out only the most dedicated cleaner for Milngavie Spring Cleans. These clean are extreme and our clients look forward to having them done, often twice a year. This intensive deep clean became known as spring clean when coal was used to keep our homes warm. Over the course of the winter, black soot would build up on the walls and women everywhere spent hours cleaning them once spring arrived. While having walls black from heating with coals is now a rare thing indeed, the desire to chase off the winter blahs and freshen the house is still deep in our bones. So, once or twice a year our professionals come out for Spring Cleans. Some of our clients even have this done quarterly.

Our deep Spring Cleans includes everything that our weekly cleans do, plus much more. While our weekly cleans are thorough, there are some areas not included, such corners blocked by furniture and other more intensive tasks. While we won’t be moving your grand piano, we do move smaller furniture pieces with care to clean behind and underneath, replacing them exactly where we found them, or to any new position you wish. Keep in mind that there must be someone there to move your larger furnishings, or they need to be moved before we arrive. Many of our clients enjoy a change in their furnishing arrangements along with their Spring Cleans, as the holidays often demand configuring things differently, so making changes during your Spring Clean often makes the most sense.

The Spring Clean includes emptying the cupboards and wiping them out, replacing your items to your specifications. Again, we can put them back exactly where they were, or switch things round for you if wish. In the kitchen we clean inside kitchen units, and behind and underneath as well as giving the cooker top a good shine along with all the worktops. We clean the grout in both kitchen and bathroom tiles, removing dirt and mould for a cleaner, healthier environment. Additionally, we sterilise the bathroom.

Cleaners Milngavie also wash down any painted surface, including the walls and skirting boards, focusing on traffic areas that are fingerprint magnets such as doors, window frames. We get into those deep down places that dirt likes to hide. If you like, we can also de-clutter your home, gathering up old newspapers and periodical publications that seem to take over every surface. We can recycle them, or store them wherever you direct. We will also be more than happy to help you toss out items that have been long over-due for the rubbish bin, or sorting things for charity. Maid in Milngavie’s personalised service, allows you to add specialised tasks to the Spring Clean.